About SambaConmigo

SambaConmigo Is a dance company established in the California Bay Area. The dance company started without much planning. Johana Vizcarra, the owner and dance director, is an avid social dancer that incorporates Brazilian samba into her dance. People that watched her dance fell in love with her unique style. She was regularly approached and asked if she was a dance instructor.

Johana offered her first Brazilian samba classes and shows in 2011 and since then the requests for her classes and events have been non-stop.

Johana’s natural charm and her professional attitude have established Samba Conmigo as the favorite Samba dance company in the Bay Area.

Johana ensures that her dancers look fabulous in their traditional samba outfits.

Samba Conmigo’s dancers are professionally trained with formal backgrounds in jazz, ballet, salsa, ballroom, and more. This background allows Samba Conmigo to deliver not only samba shows but also events that showcase salsa dancing, fire dancing, hula , stilt dancing, folkloric dancing, African dancing, live drumming and more.